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Where To Find My Helpful Resources On My Blog

Before you dive into my content I want to let you know that I have divided my blog into three sections. Stories, tips & techniques, and studio. Now on the right, you can find out what content I share in those three sections.

Here you will find my experiences through the journey of life as an artist, teacher and life coach.

Here I will be sharing exciting painting tips and techniques that I have learnt over the many years.

Here you will receive a sneak peek into what happens behind the scenes - studio, my paint set up, inspiration, etc., and an introduction to my private Gallery.

Story Time

The stories you will find below are a mixture between my paintings, life lessons, and journies I have been through as an artist. I want to share these with you but also use them as a reminder for myself, no matter what happens there is always a lesson to be learned.

Treasured moments are little gems in the journey of life, special moments will forever hold a special place in our hearts and memories

Nicky Thomson

Helpful Tips & Techniques

Learning new methods and techniques shared by other artists, and finding what works for me, gives you an open season to learn to become an artist yourself. I will share what has helped me over time and still helping me today.

Time is of essence make the most of it, there is nothing like the present to enrich your and others lives

Nicky Thomson

Step Into My Studio

If you are interested to see where all the magic happens at Nicky Thomson’s art then you are in the right spot. The blog articles that follow will take you into my studio, show you some behind-the-scenes images, transformation decisions I had to make and still making.
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